Reforming to record their second studio album, the band are full steam ahead.....Firmly grounded in grunge roots, “Breathe” brings us right back to the nostalgic, forever powerful era of 90s / early 2000s alternative rock. LongRoad seem to have picked up right where they left off, and we warmly anticipate the offerings of phase two for the East coast band.” - Rhí Mc Phelim

Cobra Promotions Artist Name: Long Road Title: This Too Shall Pass Style: Alternative Rock Website: Rating: 8.70(Scale 1-10) By Senior Staff Writer C.W. Ross This is the debut release from the band that was formed in January of 2005. The band list many musical influences that make up their music. The heart of their sound is aggressive alternative rock with an underlying foundation of the blues. This release really reaches out and grabs your attention with its infectious guitar hooks and riveting solos. The drum beats are always there waiting for their time to step up to the front of the song. The vocals are real and drip with emotion. There isn't much of it but when the harmonica parts are played in several songs the blues side of their music really starts to show itself. The song's aren't all aggressive in their style the band does slow it down to a more melodic tone on several of them. You'll even find a power like ballad. The band's music really jells together, that could be due in part to the fact that several of the band members have been friends since childhood. Here's how band singer Ted Ames describes the songs found on this release. The songs are the product of living our lives. they are an honest mix of storytelling and emotion based upon our experience and observation in and of the world around us. From the anthemic and rebellious "Low Ground," to the never-have regret underlying the upbeat "Somebody's Princess," to the forlorn feeling of loss painted in lyric in "Home." This is a strong effort from the band that I'm sure will be spending time playing on my stereo.” - Senior Staff Writer C.W. Ross


Check out the recent interview of the band by Exclusive Magazine. There is also a FREE autographed CD contest (trivia question) at the end of the article.” - Russell A. Trunk (interviewer)

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...the whole darn [CD] is fabulous, it totally blew me away. It was great to hear such a stong, tight set of music.” - Ajay Chandriani a.k.a. DJ ECLECTIC

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