"‘Faith in Greater Things?’, for all that it is influenced by and emanates, does an amazing job at keeping post-grunge rock music alive. The production value is of an extraordinary quality, and each song has quirks that definitely pay homage to different artists. It also is extremely authentic in its songwriting, and I think people would be able to resonate with the interplay between lyrics and instrumentation. Rating - Excellent" 

- Grace Bradford

LongRoad - Faith in Greater Things? (Album Review) | Music Review World

The second studio album from LongRoad, Faith in Greater Things? delivers a nostalgic rock immersion. Observational lyricism stirs within a range of soaring rock anthems and jangling introspection, resulting in a thorough success from the act. ” - Mike Minio

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"Faith in Greater Things?" is a masterful comeback and an out-of-this-world musical experience."” - Mayson Arisco

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Faith in Greater THings?

LongRoad is an amalgam of three childhood friends hailing from Rutherford, New Jersey and singer Ted Ames, originally of Coventry, Vermont. LongRoad was formed when the other members met Ted Ames at the Knitting Factory in NYC and decided that the commonality of musical influence and interest among them should be explored further together.

The band’s first release, This Too Shall Pass, received airplay on more than 140 college stations nationwide, including several university Top 10 playlists. The band has also received regional airplay on commercial rock stations, such as 105.5 WDHA. Notable shows for the This Too Shall Pass support tour included opening for Candlebox, Buckcherry and Cracker.

After a hiatus, the band is back together and has recorded its second studio album, Faith in Greater Things? The album will be released September 15th to Apple Music, Spotify and 150+ other digital outlets, with 2023/2024 tour dates to follow. Faith in Greater Things? was recorded at The Barber Shop Studio in Hopatcong, NJ, and recorded, mixed and mastered at Laundry Room Studio in Seattle, Washington. Multi-platinum, award-winning producer, Barrett Jones (Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters), produced, mixed, mastered and contributed to this latest effort by the band.

“As with the last album, the songs remain the product of living our lives” says singer Ted Ames, “...they are an honest mix of storytelling and emotion based upon our experience and observation in and of the world around us.”.


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