Hey! The band's been back in the studio on and off for the better part of this year. We have over 20 songs written for the new CD that we have been working on. We will be playing a limited number of shows throughout the fall in order to test drive all the tunes and see which ones will make it onto the next CD. If you can't make the show check out the "Live Recordings" section of the website. IF YOU LIKE WHAT YOU HEAR SPEAK UP! Only 10 to 12 of the tunes will get onto the next CD. We've already got…

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Six Flags Show 

Thanks to everyone who came out to Six Flags on June 1. Check out the gallery for pics from the show. Back to the studio to finish the next release....see ya soon!


The band has spent most of the fall working on its second album to be released in 2008. The band will be playing a limited number of dates in the winter and spring prior to release to let fans hear some of the new material. Be sure to sign up to the email list for the newsletter and a first listen to some of the new material coming out of the studio.

Aquarian Weekly Features LongRoad 

The Aquarian Weekly featured LongRoad in Tim Louie's North Jersey Notes Column as the featured band for the week of October 3rd. Pick up a copy and check out the review.


Congratulations to Kyle Kluchesky and Jill Vogel on winning the iPods!!! Stay tuned for more giveaways and contests!

LongRoad on XM Radio 

If you missed it the first time make sure to check for replays of the Radar Report featuring LongRoad's Somebody's Princess and Taken Away. Feel free to lob some requests into XMU - Channel 43 if you would like to hear more LongRoad on XM Radio!


OK, so here's the deal. The band is giving away a FREE IPOD to two winners of this random drawing contest. We're GIVING AWAY the iPods in support of the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa. (It's the awesome red one!) How do you win? Simply by answering the question below correctly and being one of the two winners of a random drawing of people who get the answer right. We will be holding the drawing on June 1st, 2007 So here you go kids, here's the question: According to LongRoad's website,…

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LongRoad to be Featured on XM SATTELiTE RADiO 

XM RADiO will be featuring LongRoad on Thursday – April 26, 2007 on the RADAR REPORT at 10pm ET. If you have XM Radio, tune in to hear LongRoad. The Radar Report Encores every Friday at 2pm ET and every Saturday at 6am ET. The show airs on: XMU, XM RADIO Channel 43, XM RADIO Online, Direct TV Channel 831 and on AOL XMU, XM 43, is located on XM SATELLiTE RADiO in the United States and Canada. If you don't have XM you can listen online with A FREE ACCOUNT simply go to…

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Thanks to everyone who came out to Starland Ballroom on the 10th to see us play with Buckcherry! Some pics are up on the MySpace page ( We should have them up here in a couple of days. Stay tuned...Make sure to catch the shows coming up in NYC at Kenny's and Arlene's.