LongRoad is an amalgam of three childhood friends hailing from New Jersey and singer Ted Ames, from Coventry, Vermont. LongRoad was formed in January 2005 when the other members met Ted Ames at the Knitting Factory in NYC and decided that the commonality of musical influence and interest among them should be explored further in the studio. The result is the band’s debut CD, This Too Shall Pass, which speaks for itself. Band members cite influences ranging from the Rolling Stones, Neil Young and Bob Dylan to Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots and Metallica. This broad mix of influence has yielded a sound that is alternate rock in nature with an aggressive (occasionally passive) blues core. “The songs are the product of living our lives,” says singer Ted Ames, “they are an honest mix of storytelling and emotion based upon our experience and observation in and of the world around us.” From the anthemic and rebellious Low Ground, to the “never-have” regret underlying the upbeat Somebody’s Princess, to the forlorn feeling of loss painted in lyric in Home, the band's work is sure to ring true with its fans and critics alike. Ted Ames - vocals, guitars, harmonica Pete Fusco - guitars, backing vocals Tony Mussara - bass, backing vocals Dave Rettagliata - drums